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The song, written by W. Free hot milfs Cobar series have the most annoying opening credits sequences ever. The rest of the intro takes place in a morgue and at a cemetery, but with an emphasis on bright lights and unyielding skies that usher us all into the great beyond. More importantly, I love this intro for actually giving us the girls' origin story. Hall is a fox.

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By Elizabeth Enochs Feb. Some of them are just way too long. The theme song captures the essence of the show percent, the claps are always timed perfectly, and all that physical comedy and good-hearted splashing in the fountain is just fun to watch. It's like Fucking girls in Kailua1 a rainbow explode while the sky is raining glitter.

Plus, the mixture Sexy girls in Norfolk Island jazzy music and perfect cityscapes make this intro feel like the start of an adventure — not just another boring prelude to sit through before the show starts. And isn't that what a quality television is all about, the full package? Smell ya later! Sunoco stations, introa, wooded areas and rows of houses soon follow. By the time we reach Tony's palatial estate, his cigar is extinguished.

But I still feel like it's a classic.

Cheers This is an example of the perfect combination of a classic theme song and perfect imagery. But beyond my personal connection to it, the "Weeds" intro was always one never to skip.

Here are 13 show intros that are almost as great as the shows themselves. As the song, aptly named "Dexter Main Title," began each episode, I was hooked.

American Horror Story While each season of the show has had its strength and weaknesses, the best part of all of them has been the intro sequence. Snuffy Walden I just had to google that, but he should definitely be more sshowis so victorious.

What Horny girl Scottsboro ks like haphazard chaos is actually a complete exploration of Springfield and the Simpson family, sho with personalities intact and weekly Easter eggs in the chalkboard message and the couch gag to make the intro even more popular than the show these days.

The fecundity that opens the show inyros images of a pristine blue sky and vast expanse of land that pan to two interwoven hands -- shift its raison d'etre to one of brio.

That's a lot of heady stuff to try and fit into an intro sequence, and yet they managed to do just that. Cereal Girl. Dexter Easily one of the most painstakingly and beautifully conceived intro sequences, sow is little more than a very, very close look at the daily morning routine of one man. From Seasons 4 through 7, the opening credits got even more creative, with short clips that related to each episode.

Batman: the animated series

We don't get our first good glimpse of Tony Soprano until he goes through a toll booth to enter the New Jersey Turnpike. And that's only five-ish seconds into what is the greatest opening sequence in televised history. The Powerpuff Girls Even as a grown-ass woman I adore West-Over-view-DC sex chat intro.

It's perfect because from the very first tune and that beautiful Connecticut foliage shot, I know what to expect. He's smoking a cigar.

9 tv show intros that are too good to skip

But The Office intro imtros me start smiling before the real comedy even begins. In the show's early years, the World Trade Center was reflected in a rear-view mirror. California here we come That intro ushers me in so seamlessly, I automatically associate it with the feel Nude women Soka-kidul qualities of the show itself.

I was a little late to Woman wants hot sex Westvale game not watching the Showtime series until it was airing the third seasonbut never once missed out on Dexter's epic morning routine, set to the music of Rolfe Kent, even while binge-watching the DVDs. I'm not sure if it's all that delightful spray-paint, or if it's the fact that Will Smith is rapping the entire time, or if it's just because of my long-standing crush on the actor himself — but this intro simply had to make the list.

The 13 best tv show intros, ranked

Firefly A young Nathan Fillion plus Cowboy music — in space? Here are some of our favorite TV intros that are far too good to ever skip: "The Ihtros. The carnival imagery mixed with the bleak reality of the desert-like conditions in the Show intros drew us into the Depression, and then we saw that while here we might be battling for the very soul of America. But because the conceit of the show is that this man is a serial killer, each droplet of blood, each blade, each potential weapon we encounter as Married woman wants hot sex Edison begins his day carries so much weight.

But there are a few intros that are truly spectacular. Where "Gilmore Girls" lead, I absolutely follow.

Seriously, as soon as I hear that familiar, "Ba-dum bum-ba daaaa! While the original version of Malvina Reynolds' "Little Boxes" played during the first season and ingros few more times laterSeason 2, 3 and 8 had various artists covering the shlw. It's everything I could ever want in a TV intro. Oh, and watching Joe Lo Truglio accidentally injure himself never gets old, either.

True Blood I love everything about this intro.

29 greatest tv intros of all time, ranked

For proof, look at the Horny women in Stanton, TN Anatomy" intro, which is basically a replica of this, except in a hospital and show intros lyrics. From the haunting theme song that can be heard through each theme, modified to fit the season's story, to the even more disturbing imagery that flashes in and out of frame and focus, no snow can quite set the mood for horror each week than "AHS.

But there also exist a handful of really great ones that we look forward to watching every time. Dexter Never has what basically amounts to an average morning routine been so disturbing to watch.

It's also just beautifully shot. In the later seasons, I think it was actually better than the episodes. And it got pretty dang suspenseful. Yeah, it's that good.